GC-CT001 CT125 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (including tax and shipping) with disk guard
GC-CT001 CT125 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (including tax and shipping) with disk guard
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GC-CT001 CT125 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (including tax and shipping) with disk guard
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GC-CT001 CT125 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (including tax and shipping) with disk guard

GC-CT001 CT125 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (including tax and shipping) with disk guard

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This time is matte black only

CT125 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (shipping included)
"Ganesha wheel for a safe trip"

CT125 Tubeless wheel
(front/rear, spokes, Honda genuine hub, disc guard set)
Price 84,700 yen (tax included) )
&Tire set
104,500 yen (tax included)

This is a product with pre-assembled spokes. , is in a temporary assembled state. Be sure to check for looseness. Be sure to check for looseness at the initial stage (countermeasures for apparent looseness due to initial familiarity).

Be sure to retighten at 50km, 100km and 200km at the time of initial assembly. Please go . After that, please do not neglect to check for looseness before riding. Also, if there is any looseness, please have it adjusted at a specialty store. Driving with the spokes loose may cause the spokes to bend or break.

Spokes are consumables. The durability time varies depending on the road surface and driving conditions. They can bend or break, especially when driving off-road. If the spokes are bent, broken, or otherwise abnormal, replace them as soon as possible.

Designed by GANESHA in Japan
This product was planned in Japan and assembled in Thailand
It will be delivered by a Japanese inspection and delivery system.

Most off-road bikes have spoked wheels. The wheel flexes moderately, and when there is a strong impact, the spokes have the advantage of absorbing the impact. GABESHA tubeless wheels combine the shock absorption of spokes with the benefits of tubeless. GANESHA's tubeless wheels do not let the air out suddenly when punctured, so the risk of falling over is reduced, and you can run for a while until you can repair it. It is also easier to repair than tube tires.
There are matte black and gold colors. All of them have a luxurious texture. Honda genuine hub is used. The air valve uses an easy-to-use L-shape.
Specifications subject to change without notice
Please note.

〇Applicable model Hunter Cub CT125
Rim size Front and rear same size 1.60-17
Hub, spokes, disc With guard and spare spokes
Matte black gold

Optional options
Set of 2 dual-purpose tires
Tubeless-matched dual-purpose tires are sold as a set of two
Tires are not built into the wheels. I would like built-in adjustment in the nearest motorcycle shop.


Video explanation for use

(Tax and shipping included) is for Japan, please email for support outside of Japan Please confirm.

This product includes Disc Guard< /a> is included (black color only)
This product comes with a disc guard (black color only)

Dual Purpose Tires
Off and Road It is a rare dual-purpose tubeless tire for.
Off-type tubeless tires are currently rare, and we will introduce thick tires that are difficult to obtain elsewhere. I bought a wheel, but it's all road tires, and it's a fact that there aren't many off-road tires at the moment, so please consider this opportunity.
To order a single dual-purpose tire to match the wheel
Tire size 90/90-17


  • Installation and use of custom parts are the responsibility of the purchaser. Scratches and damage that occur during installation and use are not covered by the warranty under any circumstances.

  • Adding custom parts may void the bike manufacturer's warranty.

  • By adding custom parts, balance and air resistance may change, which may affect driving performance, but any such effects are not covered by warranty.

  • By adding a larger tire size, the fuel consumption and acceleration will also be different.

  • Response to initial defects: Within one week after the product arrives, when the product is unpacked, we will take care of any problems such as deformation of the rim that may cause driving problems. After installing the vehicle, it will be charged for any reason. Due to the characteristics of the product, there are fine scratches during assembly and rivet scratches. Exchange correspondence is not possible, so it is not recommended for nervous people.

    This transaction is based on the assumption that you have agreed to the above conditions. Please note.