We will do business with you on the assumption that you have agreed to the following information. Please read them carefully before making a purchase.
We sincerely hope that everyone can enjoy their custom bikes safely.

Use of custom parts
Custom bikes are designed to be enjoyed.
The bike is disassembled and different parts are added to match the stock bike, which may involve shaving, drilling or welding to match the stock bike. Minor scratches and abrasions are derived during the machining process. The additional parts are not genuine parts. Colours may vary slightly and there may be slight gaps where they fit together.
All products are custom vehicle or custom parts products and are different from mass-produced products from aftermarket manufacturers. Some modifications may be required for installation.
Also, the sales system does not have the same maintenance and after-sales service system as the after-market manufacturers. Please understand that the same service support as that provided by commercial manufacturers is not available.

Installation and use of custom parts is at the buyer's own risk. Scratches or damage caused during installation or use are not covered by the warranty under any circumstances.
Adding custom parts may result in the bike manufacturer's warranty being voided.
The addition of custom parts may change the balance and aerodynamic drag and affect riding performance, any effects of which are not covered by the warranty.
Many custom parts are overseas products and may have minor scratches and uneven paintwork. They may also be scratched during transportation. Such scratches are not covered. Please do not purchase if you are nervous.
If you require the same performance, paint condition and balance as a production car, we do not recommend a customised car. Please choose a stock car.

All prices shown. 
All prices shown include 10% consumption tax and shipping costs within Japan.
However, prices are standard prices and are subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in exchange rates and import costs.

■Product warranty (initial defects)
If the product is found to be initially defective within three days of delivery, the product will be repaired or replaced.
After that, the product is out of warranty for any reason and will be repaired for a fee.
If the specifications are changed within 3 days, regardless of the change, the product will be excluded from the initial defects from that point onwards.
For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions.

■Precautions for rubber products
Rubber products are rarely deformed during transportation.
They will return to their original shape by aligning them with the vehicle body during installation.
If the rubber part is installed while pulling it, it will return to its original shape in a few days.