Designed by ganesha⁺ in japan

GANESHA⁺ is a product planned in Japan.
Even if there are wonderful works and creative ideas, there are various obstacles to mass production for commercialization. GANESHA⁺'s mission is to commercialize such creators' works and deliver them widely.
Naturally, commercialization requires cost, durability, safety, and other considerations. We want to commercialize products while preserving original ideas as much as possible from the viewpoints of cost, durability, safety, marketability, and so on.

We also respect originality and originality in the products we launch, and we want to launch only unique products that do not exist in the market.

The staff is planned in Japan and operated mainly by Japanese.
Production is mainly in Thailand, but Japanese staff inspects and delivers the products.
Designed by GANESHA⁺ in Japan