Please be sure to read before contacting usい。
If you inquire about the following via email:、returns the same answer。
Please note。

*Delivery of products with a tracking code after delivery is handled by the post office.ており、Even if you contact us, we do not have any information other than the tracking code. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please ask the person at the post office.さい。thank you。

The delivery period is approximately 7 to 10 days, but there may be delays on weekends or other days, so it may take around 2 weeks.ます

Delays are more likely to occur during the year-end and New Year holidays, Christmas season, Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, and vacation season.すくなります。

*Price includes shipping。

*Stock status
Items that can be purchased on the site are in stockす。Items that are sold out are waiting for delivery. Items that are available for sale are listed on the website.す。
Products not listed are discontinued or unreleased parts.。

*Inquiries regarding purchased products
Please let us know your order number。
For items purchased through parallel sales personal import auctions, please contact the place of purchase.ださい。

*Returns and refunds will be handled according to the terms of use.ます。
After receiving this product, the customer must前within 3 daysConfirm the name, model, and quantity. Inspect for damage, deformation, defects, nonconformity, and if there are any rejected products, please notify us within the relevant period using the inquiry form on our website.にご通知ください。
If we do not receive notification within this period, we may assume that this product has passed your inspection.ます。
If it is installed on a vehicle within 3 days, it will be considered to have passed inspection.ます。(Excludes defects revealed by installation.)

*After delivery, we will send you a tracking code.Please note that your order may be sorted into your spam or spam folder, so please check this before contacting us.さい。